The Malta Photography Academy was founded by Stephen Busuttil and his wife Michelle, a former artist showcase representative for Canada, US and Europe, who also worked as an infant photographer, after years of experience in education and publishing.

Stephen Busuttil is a photographer who is accredited by the Ministry of Education with an MQF/EQF Level 5 National Diploma in Teaching Adults (NDTA) and teaches learners age 16 to 85.

His career began with training in the UK at the Royal Photographic Society, followed by full-time work with the Times of Malta, as well as, in film and darkroom printing. Stephen Busuttil launched his own studio and laboratory business in 1992, switching to digital with a Nikon D1 on 1st January 2000.

Having worked extensively with the Malta Police Force, Stephen Busuttil exhibited his work in 2009 at the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, also known as Spazju Kreattiv. This was followed by a permanent exhibition at the Police Headquarters and the publishing of a hardcover photography book to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the force.

He has given lectures in Malta, Spain and Ireland. In 2012, Stephen Busuttil was asked to teach the first photography course to be offered at the Directorate for Lifelong Learning, a government institution.

By the end of the course, his students exhibited their works of art at the head office in Floriana and then again in Turkey. Soon after, he was approached by the Directorate to create a syllabus for the National MQF Level 1 Photography Course, which launched in the 2015 scholastic year.

“Accepting challenges and working to achieve them provides invaluable experiences, it’s never too late to learn,” he says.

This principle keeps Stephen Busuttil in business for over 25 years; as he works alongside his students and alumni to practice, improve, contribute and inspire, everyday.

His portfolio can be seen at