Flash Photography


What you'll learn

Course is aimed for those who would like to know more about lighting, how lighting is distributed and more... how to use their flash light.
In this 12 hour course we will cover the theory and demonstrate how the flash works with our camera. How light travels through objects.
• Invers square law of light
• Direct lighting vs diffused lighting
• Harsh light vs soft light
• Size and shape of catchlights in the eyes
• Ambient light vs flash light
• Learning how to equip a studio
• Practical hands-on lesson with guidance is included

What you'll need

Camera with an external flash unit. Tripod will be useful as well if you have it.

Level Basic
Starting 5 Jun 2024
Ending 26 Jun 2024
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location/Venue M'Scala
Age 15+
Terms Flash-Photography-2023-Info.pdf