Landscape Photography


What you'll learn

This is the ideal time to do a Landscape Photography course.
This course will give you a better more... overview of how to use your equipment for landscape photography.
Landscapes are beautiful to enjoy, especially when we travel, but not everyone knows exactly how we should capture the right shot.
In this 15 hours course we will be talking about and practice how to use the polarizer filter, neutral density filter, depth of field and hyper focal distance amongst other things.
• Learn to read the light
• Shooting format
• Composition
• How to create depth for landscape
• How to use the histogram for best exposures
• Equipment needed
• Filters needed
• New techniques especially using filters
• Practical hands-on lesson with guidance is included

What you'll need

Camera with a wide angle and a tripod

Level Intermediate
Starting 9 Jul 2024
Ending 6 Aug 2024
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location/Venue M'Scala
Age 15+
Terms Landscape-Photography-2023-Info.pdf