Macro Photography


What you'll learn

A very popular genre for photographers, we will be doing an intermediate course in Macro Photography.
No specialized more... equipment is needed but you need to know the basics of photography, especially the exposure and what is related to it.
The first 3 lesson will be theory based and the 4th lesson will be practical. The 5th one will be feedback on all photos taken by you.
• Composition
• How to create depth in your images
• How to use the extension tubes
• How a macro lens works
• We analyze sharpness and how to focus an image
• Learn what is the best f/stop for macro photography
• Difference between crop and full frame sensor
• Learn how to be equipped for macro
• Practical hands-on lesson with guidance is included

What you'll need

Camera with a kit lens. If you have a macro lens or extension tubes already, it is preferred. more... If not, no need to buy anything. Tripod will be very handy as well. less...

Level Intermediate
Starting 4 Jun 2024
Ending 2 Jul 2024
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location/Venue M'Scala
Age 15+
Terms Macro-Photography-2023-Info.pdf